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Before & After Pictures

Before and After Pictures

Rhinoplasty Before and After

Individual client results may vary; these pictures do not in any way guarantee a specific outcome.

Patient 1: Narrowing of Nose

Before: Look at my ugly nose, broad and depressed.                                                                                               After: My beautifully narrowed and well projected nose

Patient 2: Hanging Tip Refinement

Nose Tip Elevation Rhinoplasty
Before: My Nose Tip is Drooping Down         After: Now, My Nose Tip is Elevated and Projected

Patient 3: Depressed Nose Tip

Nose depression tip rhinopalsty
Before: My Nose Tip is so Depressed, I am also Depressed.                                                           After: My Nose Tip is Elevated so Elegantly

I am loving my nose now,  ever before, my life changed after I met Dr. Sriprakash Vinnakota.                     My Nose Tip Enhanced My Confidence now.

Patient 4: Overall Reduction in Size of Nose

Braod Nose narrowing rhinoplasty
Before: My Big Nose! Can any girl marry me? After: Now I am Married! Why not, how can any girl refuse now?

 Patient 5: Nose Double Tip is corrected to Single, well projected tip, tip rhinoplasty

Nose Tip Rhinoplasty
Before: Look at my Tip of Nose! Am I have 2                           noses?                                                                 After: Look at my Tip of nose My wife likes my                     Nose Now

Now I Love My Nose after Nose Job at MicroCare with Dr Sriprakash Vinnakota

Patient 6: In this patient, rhinoplasty was performed to reduce the multiple fractures of nose due to injury. he got his nose back.

multiple fractures of nose, nose job
Before: My Fractured Nose                                     After: My Nose Fractures are corrected Now

Patient 7: Open rhinoplasty was performed to narrow the tip of the nose, lift the hanging columella and elevate the depressed dorsum of nose and the deviated septum was straightened for better breathing.

depressed nose bridge and nose tip, nose job
Before: My Nose so Depressed and Ugly After: My beautiful Nose

Patient 8: Crooked Nose Correction, nose brodge and Tip Refinement

crooked nose , rhinoplasty, nose job
Before: Gross Deformity of My Nose                     After: Corrected Deformed Nose