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Female Rhinoplasty

Female Rhinoplasty :

The Difference between Male and Female Rhinoplasty:

The nose is the most prominent feature on the face and no amount of makeup will make a difference in a nose deformity. The nose plays prominently in overall facial balance and rhinoplasty represents an elegant way to restore or enhance this facial aesthetic balance.

female rhinoplasty in Hyderabad
female rhinoplasty

When a woman is considering rhinoplasty surgery, it is usually with the goal of enhancing her feminine appearance and overall beauty.

Today, rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed globally among women with thousands of women every year looking for a more aesthetically pleasing nose. Female rhinoplasty also plays a social and psychological role in a woman life with many women admitted having a heightened level of self-confidence.

  • Female Rhinoplasty Surgery can create a balanced feminine facial appearance
  • Enhance or reduce the prominence of the nasal bridge
  • Reduce apparent nose length
  • Make you feel good about your look
  • Build self-confidence

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Dr Sriprakash believes that having a rhinoplasty as a female is a very individual decision. Having a rhinoplasty can greatly enhance the aesthetics of your face. Many women feel that their nose is overly prominent, large or bent. This can lead to a feeling of people always looking at their nose. With subtle changes to the nose these disfigurements can be corrected. The result of the rhinoplasty is a nose that blends into the rest of the face.

No two noses are the same and Dr Sriprakash understands that the desires of patients may differ significantly. For this reason Dr Sriprakash will tailor the rhinoplasty to suit your requirements, allowing you to choose what you would like to be changed. To give you a better idea of what these changes will be Dr Robinson is able to perform pre operative image modification.

There are many reasons why patients might feel they would like to have a rhinoplasty. Common achievable goals of a female rhinoplasty include:

  • Make the nose straighter
  • Remove a nasal hump
  • Make the nose smaller
  • Refine a large nasal tip

 Straighten Nose

There are 2 main reasons why you may have a bent nose. Firstly females may have broken their nose at some stage, usually playing sport. Secondly the nose may have developed with a bend on it, which is very common. You may find that other family members have a similar bend on their nose.

Straightening the nose is different for every patient but the general steps include:

  • Combination osteotomies of nasal bones
  • Refracture nasal bones to the midline
  • Septoplasty [Straighten cartilage in middle of nose]
  • Cartilage graft harvest
  • Structural cartilage grafts to support the nose in midline
  • Refine tip to midline
  • Bilateral turbinoplasty [Decrease scrolls of tissue inside nose]
  • Camouflage grafts to mask contour of nose

There are several examples of rhinoplasties for straightening a nose in the gallery for your perusal.

Hump reduction

Reducing a nasal hump differs between patients but the general steps of the operation include:

  • Osteotomy removal of hump
  • Combination osteotomies to narrow nose if required
  • Combination rasping to smooth new nasal surface
  • Septoplasty [Straighten cartilage between left and right nostrils]
  • Cartilage harvest for grafting
  • Graft placement to strengthen nose
  • Bilateral turbinoplasty [Reduce scrolls of tissue inside nose]
  • Refine tip if required
  • Camouflage grafting to provide contouring to nose

Hump reduction

  • Narrow nose with combination osteotomies
  • Cantilevered spreader grafts
  • Lateral crural turn in flaps
  • Lateral crural repositioning
  • Lateral crural steal
  • Reducing tip of nose which sticks out too far [Deprojection procedure]
  • Reducing droopiness of nose [Rotation procedure]
  • Reducing large boxy tip