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Expectation and Results

Rhinoplasty Surgery Results

Typical Results & Expectations from Rhinoplasty:

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rhinoplasty expectation and results

Nose plastic surgery or rhinoplasty can restore balance and proportion to the face with the natural looking results and can improve breathing and sleeping problems. Even slight changes to the shape of the nose can have a dramatic effect on appearance of face and can change how people interact with you. However, it is important to have realistic expectations of what your surgeon can achieve with your nose surgery; they can make improvements to the existing shape and structure of the nose, but can’t give you a completely different nose just like some actor or model. Your re-shaped nose needs to fit naturally balance with your own facial features.


  • Shorten or lengthen the nasal length
  • Reduce nasal width
  • Reduce the size of nostrils
  • Reduce or increase the overall size of the nose
  • Remove bumps, lumps, depressions and deviations
  • Restore symmetry

Choosing a Surgeon:

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The best way of choosing a surgeon or to get an idea of what is achievable and what you consider to look natural and aesthetically pleasing is to Ask to see ‘before and after’ photos.

You should choose a rhinoplasty surgeon with whom you feel comfortable and who has significant experience in performing rhinoplasty for years.